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Work Experience at Eastside Radio with Haruta

By: undefined undefinedJuly 08, 2024

A Little About Me

I am a year 12 student from Bradfield Senior Collage, I’m currently finishing my mandatory work experience hours here for entertainment course. I love many bands and artists and I like to explore many different genres, I mainly listen to electronic music such as artists like The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy, but I love calm ambient works from Brian Eno to Boards of Canada, I also love Deftones and Title Fight. As for my favourite local artist, it has to be my mate “Teknician” he mainly makes mixes of hardtek, but branches out to happy hardcore and other genres in the edm/techno umbrella.

Why Eastside FM?

Music has been a huge part of my life, and to make music my future I have learn all ends of the industry. From media to networking to getting your music out there radio is a huge part of music and it’s history. Before we had Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes or YouTube people would listen to music from the radio, and it is a amazing experience learning the behind the scenes of it. Eastside FM was my main choice because I’m my entertainment course we learn audio visual components of the entertainment industry. I want learn and study audio engineering and music production, and I believe that my week that I am going spend at Eastside FM will help teach me certain aspects of this, from artist playing recordings to promotion of music. What I really love about Eastside FM is the music, as much as I enjoy jazz, soul and blues I don’t listen to them enough of them and Eastside radio provides me the chance to listen to their wide discography. I am really looking forward to my week at Eastside radio, and I’ll be sure to miss once it’s over.

My Favourite Songs

Private Psychedelic Reel – The Chemical Bothers

The Mighty Machine- Dream Plant

Safe in Your Skin- Title Fight

Kinky Love- Pale Saints

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