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posted 03/12/2018

Work Experience at Eastside Radio

Hello! My name is Jemma and i will be doing work experience at Eastside Radio from the 3rd – 7th. I wanted to do work experience here as I wanted to see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at a radio station. Music has and always will be a passion of mine, through creating way too many playlists, buying too many vinyls and participating in multiple bands, which range from jazz, rock, folk, classical and more. Overall, I am excited to work here at Eastside Radio and gain experience which cannot be found within the pages of a textbook. 

The type of music that I like to listen to is alternate indie rock and I also love blaring out a bunch of 70s and 80s hits. On the other hand, when playing my main instrument (clarinet), Jazz is my favourite style. However, I do tend to come across some random tracks, which does not belong to any these genres, that tend to be my favourite song for a couple of weeks. 

youtube clips:

These songs are just a few of the quirky tracks that I love to have on loop throughout the day. More songs that I love to listen to are on my vinyls, which tends to make the music sound even better than it already is.

Other than listening to music, I love to play instruments, including clarinet and drums (the main ones) and a little bit of bass, piano and the new addition, ukulele. With the bass, piano and Uke, I have been attempting to teach myself, but have also had help from my friends who also play a bunch of different instruments.

Anyway, why would I come to Eastside Radio? For years and years the one question that haunts me is “what do you want to do when you grow up?”. instantly the answer is I don’t know. I love music and the thought of making someone who might be having a bad day, smile. So, for the past year I’ve been thinking that a career in radio might be right for me. My only problem is, is that I have no idea what is involved in radio. Thanks to Eastside Radio, I am able to see the behind the scenes work and see if a career in radio is for me. 

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