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by reception
posted 26/11/2018

Work Experience at Eastside Radio

Hello fellow viewers of east side radio, my name is Samantha Douglas, I’m in year 10 and i’ll be doing work experience here from the 26th – 30th Nov. right now i’m studying music and i have been since my early years in primary school when i learned the clarinet, i am also still am playing in my school band. Music has been my passion since i can remember, my father has been playing in multiple bands before i was born, so i guess, i was born with music in my bones. 

i love all sorts of genres of music but i am particularly fond of indie, indie rock and old school rock. I’m also fond of music from around the world especially in France and Korea. since I’ve been brought up with music surrounding me thought that it would make sense to further explore the music industry and find something that would suit me.

why i love music and why i chose east side? i love the way every one around the world is connected by music and it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you do,if your sad, happy, or any emotion, music dosen’t discriminate and why i chose east side radio as my work experience is because anyone can access the radio and its also a community radio so i think it will be a very educational and life changing experience.

and when i was in my early years in high school and learnt that we had to do work experience i immediately knew that i had to do something that involved music.

my friends have played a massive role in my music experience as they have exposed me to different genres and some of them have taught me how to play the guitar (electric and acoustic), drums, piano, and bass. 

Since its only my first day here I’m already learning so much behind the scenes, and i could see myself in this line of work, and by having work experience here at east side radio i have a deeper understanding and appreciation for people who are in this line of work. and as i have been here only a day I’m really ecstatic to see what i will learn next. 

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