Winding Roots

Fridays 12PM

Presented by Belinda Kedeya.

The Winding Roots show explores a world of music, most of which has its roots in Africa and crosses the borders of many genres from jazz to dub, linking and fusing along the way. The selection is, therefore, seemingly eclectic and definitely juicy.

Black culture and music has touched me since I was a child, reared on the likes of Ray Charles, Eartha Kit and Shirley Bassey. It was Otis Redding who first really struck a chord with me, though.  Becoming a teenager in the 60’s in the UK with the music revolution, changing awareness and interest in eastern culture, was also a wonderful awakening.

Once I heard roots reggae music I immediately loved the uplifting rhythms and related to the philosophy and conscious lyrics.  My passion for reggae and all its subgenres has extended to African and world music and has led to being involved in organising and making artwork for several live music and cultural events. It also inspired me to travel.

Having spent time in Jamaica, Africa and India years ago when music from such places had barely reached our ears here, I find it so exciting how musicians are now collaborating in a global style, exchanging ideas, blending traditions and genres, to grow new branches.

My life is greatly enriched with all this music so I give thanks for the opportunity to create an exciting musical experience each week to share with you via our community radio station.