Voice of India

Sundays 10AM

Presented by Vikram, Shailja, Monika, Girish, Jagat & Amit


We have been broadcasting for over 25 years without a break in Sydney and now all over the world through the internet.

The program commences at 10 am each Sunday on FM 89.7 and has a schedule as follows:

10-12 hrs: Shailja Chandra and Vikram Sharma play beautiful music and bring out life’s many facets that touch all of us. The twist provided by the intellects and poetry of the two presenters is unique as they share a wonderful worldview often at polar opposites to each other.

12-1210 hrs: The latest news from all over thew world presented by Monika Sharma or Girish Kumar

12-1pm: Community Forum where vexed topics from life, ethical conundrums, political quandaries, a love/hate relationship with India and much much more. The highlight is the participation and ‘talk-back’ by the intelligent audience who wait eagerly each Sunday to share their thoughts with the world.

1.00 pm to 2.00 pm: Jag T and Amit with their easy flowing conversation and latest music with a hip-hop, RnB, Bhangra and all that is dance worthy and will leave you with a high to end your whirlwind tour of Voice of India (Monika Geetmala)