by rosenblums
posted 06/09/2017

Our Universe with Professor Geraint Lewis

Over the course of August/September 2017 on Arts Wednesday, Sylvia hosted a 6-part series entitled Our Universe, with Geraint Lewis, Professor of Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute For Astronomy , The University of Sydney.

Listen to the series below:

Here is Part 1, entitled The Depths of the Solar System, where Geraint focusses on what we have learned about our patch of the universe:

Now for Part 2, entitled New Planets and Life in the Universe, looking at recent discoveries about planets and the possibility of life:

This is Part 3, entitled The Evolving Universe, looking at the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies:

Part 4 is called New Eyes on the Cosmos and focusses on new telescopes and gravitational waves:

Part 5 is entitled Death from the Skies and looks at rocks and comets fr0m space, supernovae and gamma-ray bursts:

And the final part: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Universe. What do we know about the future history of the universe?


Professor Geraint Lewis

Professor Geraint Lewis

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