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by Tony Edwards
posted 02/11/2017

“When The Tide Rushes In” from Fleur Green & The Keepers is Eastside Radio’s Album Of The Week (2-9 Nov)

Album cover WTTRI (1) copy


This week we bring you audio wonders from Adelaide. Fleur Green met her Keepers – Gerard Spalding and Flik Freeman – whilst studying jazz together in their home city of Adelaide, and that relationship has blossomed into the wonderful debut album that is “When The Tide Rushes In”. It’s a gentle, soulful, whimsical record of alternative pop, folk and jazz, entertainingly diverse, with some beautiful softer moments and more bawdy gypsy jazz style swinging dancefloor tracks.

“Nadia” is the lead single from the album:


Citing some of her influences as Amanda Palmer, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Fleur is a multi-instrumentalist classically trained in piano, violin and percussion. Forming the rhythm section, Spalding is on drums and vocals and Freeman is on bass and vocals. And the album also features guest appearances from tuba player Peter Whish-Wilson, classical guitarist Alex Tsiboulski, cellist Brihony Taylor and saxophonist Jason McMahon.

01. Low Res - Fleur Green and The Keepers - Credit Ben Macmahon


You can purchase the album here at Bandcamp. And we’ll be bringing you selections from this great Australian album all this week on Eastside Radio.

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