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by stapletonm
posted 15/11/2017


tom carment






Tune in this Arts Thursday 16th November for three great conversations with Maisy Stapleton, showcasing the diversity of the arts in Sydney.

First up is a chat with artist Tom Carment, whose exhibition New Paintings. Old Habits at the King Street Gallery on William takes a new look at still life, along with the plein air landscapes for which he is well known.

Tom is a wonderful story-teller! Find out how a typewriter became a still life study and other stories around Tom’s works.

womerah street typewriter 2 detail tc pumkin





The next conversation covers a lightbulb idea to encourage younger audiences to performances and cultural events. Playwave is an initiative of the City of Sydney and Shopfront Theatre. It encourages young people to come together to experience and enjoy all sorts of arts events – and some specially conceived activities to make it even greater fun.

I’m joined by two of the young creatives associated with Playwave – Zack Lewin  and Nicole Pingon as well as Valentina Corona, from Shopfront Theatre for a round table discussion on the opportunities that membership of Playwave provides.

fibre strings fibre balls fibre





My last conversation is with Masako Masuda, whose Darlinghurst gallery of exquisite Japanese textiles, ceramics and clothing was a legend amongst the cognoscenti.

She has recently opened another space in Glebe in collaboration with Space 145 at Glebe and currently has a special exhibition of textiles – Colour and Texture – showcasing the spirit of Japanese Textiles old and new, now on show at Barometer Gallery in Paddington.

Join us for a discussion of new and old forms of textile art and Japanese aesthetics.


Tom Carment: http://www.tomcarment.com/; New Paintings Old Habits is on at the King Street Gallery on William, King Street Gallery of William: http://kingstreetgallery.com.au/exhibitions/new-paintings-old-habits/?fpage=thumbnails until 2 December. You will also find links to Tom’s writing on his website.

Playwave: https://playwave.com.au/

Masako Masuda: https://www.masudagallery.com/

Colour and Texture Barometer Street Gallery, Gurner Street PADDINGTON 2021. Until November 25

Wednesday – Saturday. 11am – 5pm otherwise by appointment

And the Glebe gallery in collaboration with space 145. 145 St. Johns Rd. Glebe 2037

www.masudagallery.com // www.space145.com


Arts Thursday with Maisy Stapleton broadcasts from 10:30 every Thursday fortnight on Eastside 89.7fm. It covers conversations and ideas about arts, design and culture in Sydney and beyond – whether it’s behind the scenes, movers in the arts scene or more about an event, exhibition or performance.

You can listen to each show again for about 6 weeks by going to http://eastsidefm.org/arts/artsthursday/ and clicking on the date for this program.

Keep an eye out too, for podcasts of older broadcasts.

Images: are details from Tom Carment’s Exhibition and details from Masako Masuda’s textile exhibition


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