The Hard Way

Saturdays 9.30PM

Presented by Jude Fox 

He’d heard it a dozen times before.

This was a jazz station and they’d be damned if they’d let a funk show on the air. As far as they were concerned the funk was up. But they were wrong. The funk was down and they’d have to learn…the hard way!

So get up for the get down every Saturday night at 10pm with DJ Jude Fox on a journey of past present and future funk vibes.

You know. Shamon!

 Jude Fox has been a Sydney DJ for the past 15 years, playing Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin and Hip-Hip.

A regular guest at the Lick and Wiggle dance parties, Nightclubs like Melt, Q-bar and more recently Marble Bar, playing alongside live funk bands such as Brown Sugar.

He has previously produced shows on community radio, like Bondi FM and Radio Dex, where he presented Heavyweight Groove, a popular breaks and Hip-Hop show.

Expect a wide range of time zones from Sixties soul, Seventies Funk, Eighties Disco, Nineties Acid Jazz right up to modern Street Soul, making The Hard Way the prefect platform to showcase his style.


Recent Episodes

The Hard Way - 09:30pm - Saturday 16th December, 2017

The Hard Way - 12:00am Saturday 16th December, 2017
Christy Essien - You Can't Change a Man
The Cactus Channel - Leech
Joni Haastrup - Do The Funkro
The Wiseguys - A Better World Parts 1 and 2
Steady G - DJ 4 Prez
Dynamo Productions - Get It Together
Eric B. & Rakim - No Omega
James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn it Loose
Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up
Angela Starr - Disco Dancing
Lord Echo - Cosmic Echoes
The Cactus Channel - And Then They Rubber Their Tired Eyes
Speechless - A Kiss 2 Much
Native Sol - What's My Name
Gangstarr - Code of the Streets
Buddha Baboons - Hot Butter
Dropin' Science - Where the Party At
Dialectix - Sydney psychosis
Suburban Dark - Remember your code
Horace Andy - Natty Dread

The Hard Way - 09:30pm - Saturday 9th December, 2017

The Hard Way - 12:00am Saturday 9th December, 2017
The Poleheads - Kiss
Afrika Bambaatta - Mind Control
Freestylers - Wubble U Petal
Soul Hooligan - Sweet Pea
Cash Money and Marvelous - Mighty Hard Rocker
Beatmasters - Boulevard of Broken dream
Sway and King Tech - Devastating
William De Vaughn - Be Thankful
James Brown - It's A New Day
Beats International - Won't Talk About It
Brooklyn Slumlordz - Some Ol' Party Beatz
Wrecks-N-Effect - New Jack Swing
Wicked Lester - Tex Mex
Tutto Matto - Mango and Soda
Horace Andy - Natty Dread
Inell Young - What do you see in her
Lord Echo - Thinking of You

The Hard Way - 09:30pm - Saturday 2nd December, 2017

The Hard Way - 12:00am Saturday 2nd December, 2017
Funk Engine - 21 Jam
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Sail On!
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - I Can't Stop
The Shades Of Love - Come Inside
The Evasions - Wikka Wrap
Retta Young - My Man is on his Way
Those Good Intentions - We Know How to Boogie
Lord Echo - Miracle Dance/Bays Road Horns
Marlene Shaw - Look at Me Look You
Melba Moore - You Stepped into My Life
Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn't Change a Thing
Amerigo Gazaway - This Means You
Buddha Babboons - Say Yeah/Hot Butter
Jagged Edge - Where The Party At (edit)
Native Sol - What's My Name
Tall Black Guy - 80's Babies
Faze-O - Riding High

The Hard Way - 09:30pm - Saturday 25th November, 2017

The Hard Way - 12:00am Saturday 25th November, 2017
The Mighty Bop - Freestyle Linguistique
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Sail On
Dynamo Productions - Sonar Sound
The Procussions - Miss January
The Nextmen - Something Got You
Wax Assassins - Baddest DJ on 2 Turntables
The Nextmen - This Was Supposed to be the Future
Afrika Bambattaa - Mind Control
Bronx Dogs - Tribute to Jazzy Jay
Clusterfunk - Do Me Right
The Funky Shell Toes - Say Yeah
The Buddha Baboons - Word Up
The Big Cheese All Stars - Prawns
Bramsam - Move Your Body
Thievery Corporation - True Sons of Zion
Harlem world Crew - Rappers Convention
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Just Give Me Your Time
Thievery Corporation - Weapons of Distraction
Remi - Uh Uh I'm Gone
Horace Andy - Natty Dread
Alice Russell - Hold On
Faze o - Riding High

The Hard Way - 09:30pm - Saturday 18th November, 2017

The Hard Way - 09:30pm - Saturday 11th November, 2017

The Hard Way - 12:00am Saturday 11th November, 2017
09:32pm The Jackson Sisters - I believe in Miracles
09:37pm Kraak and Smaak - So Clear
09:41pm The Fantastic Aleems - Movin' to the Beat
09:46pm Jamiroquai - Summer Girl
09:53pm Living Colour - Plastic People
09:56pm Sparkle - Handsome Man
10:02pm Needa - Rock a Freak
10:11pm Instant funk - I got My Mind Made up
10:18pm The Rock Steady Crew - Uprocking
10:24pm Fatima - Sky High
10:28pm Suburban Dark - All Panic
10:32pm Dropin Science - Where the Party At
10:34pm Suburban Dark - Cell 67
10:39pm The Skatalites - Exodus
10:43pm Basil Gabbidon - Mr Landlord
10:45pm Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Better Things
10:47pm David Brown - Pretty Baby
10:51pm Horace Andy - Natty Dread
10:57pm Tall Black Guy - Peace and Love