The Hard Way

Saturdays 8.00PM

Presented by Jude Fox 

He’d heard it a dozen times before.

This was a jazz station and they’d be damned if they’d let a funk show on the air. As far as they were concerned the funk was up. But they were wrong. The funk was down and they’d have to learn…the hard way!

So get up for the get down every Saturday night at 10pm with DJ Jude Fox on a journey of past present and future funk vibes.

You know. Shamon!

Jude Fox has been a Sydney DJ for the past 15 years, playing Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin and Hip-Hip.

A regular guest at the Lick and Wiggle dance parties, Nightclubs like Melt, Q-bar and more recently Marble Bar, playing alongside live funk bands such as Brown Sugar.

He has previously produced shows on community radio, like Bondi FM and Radio Dex, where he presented Heavyweight Groove, a popular breaks and Hip-Hop show.

Expect a wide range of time zones from Sixties soul, Seventies Funk, Eighties Disco, Nineties Acid Jazz right up to modern Street Soul, making The Hard Way the prefect platform to showcase his style.

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