by Vanessa von Berg
posted 23/02/2017



A serious classical concert is underway when a mischievous visitor with a red nose arrives on stage and tries to take over the performance. The Conductor keeps conducting and the orchestra keeps playing, but the Clown’s cheeky antics create havoc on stage. Will the disgruntled Conductor and the playful Clown ever become friends?

Bring the whole family to City Recital Hall during the April school holidays for The Conductor and the Clown, a mini symphony show created especially for kids. Combining laugh-out-loud physical comedy with works by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and other great composers, the show introduces children of all ages to the joys of classical music with laughter and fun.


Charismatic Babies Proms conductor George Ellis (The Conductor) and multi-talented jazz musician and entertainer George Washingmachine (The Clown) star in this delightful performance.

The performance is approximately 1 hour, no interval. Warning – this show has been described as pants-droppingly hilarious.

Who: The Conductor and the Clown

Where: City Recital Hall

When: Sunday 9 April, 2017 – 10:30 am or 12.00 pm

Buy tickets HERE and learn more HERE

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