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by reception
posted 14/08/2018

The Coffee Roaster

Coffee – The 21st Century Elixir.


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Yes, yes its true! Time and time again we hear that coffee helps you live longer.

But it doesn’t stop there… Reduced risk of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

We’ve rounded up 9 articles with the hows and whys; 

1) Nine studies suggests increasing coffee consumption may substantially reduce the risk of cirrhosis

2) Coffee consumption associated with 10% lower risk of all cause mortality

3) High intakes of coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and tea is associated with reduced risk of diabetes

4) Coffee drinking is associated with a reduced risk of liver cancer, endometrial cancer

5) This study found a trend towards a protective effect of caffeine on the brain and reducing Alzheimer’s 

6) Another study suggest that caffeine intake may be a protective factor for Alzheimer’s disease

7) Studies of three large cohorts support an association between caffeine consumption and lower risk of suicide

8) Participants in the highest quartile of coffee consumption had statistically significantly lower all-cause mortality

9) Higher consumption of coffee was associated with lower risk for death in African Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and whites

What: The Coffee Roaster

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