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Take One: your weekly guide to what’s happening on Sydney’s live music scene. Taking a cross section of the Eastside sound and tells you where you can find them performing LIVE at a venue near you. Want to know more? Tune in for interviews with everyone from the artists themselves to those working behind the scenes to help bring Sydney’s live music scene to life. Previous guests include Julian Curwin (Tango Saloon, Mango Saloon, Romeo Records), Emily Wurramara, Ellen Kirkwood (Fat Yahoozah, Mister Ott, On the Stoop, Sirens Big Band) and most recently Sarah McKenzie (Impulse! Records).

Melanie Christodoulou – Host and Executive Producer: This Sydney-sider is a young jazz singer having worked under the guidance of some of the city’s finest educators including singer/songwriter/pianist Di Solomon, pianist Adrian Lim-Klumpes (The Leaf Label/ Rufus Records, Triosk, Tangents, Three of Millions), singer/songwriter’s Lily Dior (AUS) and Elana Stone (All Our Exes Live In Texas). Her performance career has extended across Sydney’s live music scene, having performed with bassist Hannah James (AUS), guitarist Blain Cunnenn (The Baldwins, Blain and Courtney, Julia Jacklin), pianist Wilbur Whitta (Wilbur Whitta Trio, Black Bird Hum), drummer Brendan Paul, as well as presenter and drummer Johan Rahman, bassist Renee King (Sydney Women’s Jazz Collective), saxophonist Zac Olsen (Papaya Tree). 2015 saw her assume both the Musical Director and a hosting position on one of Sydney’s premier arts and music community broadcasters, Eastside Radio 89.7FM.

Max Wills – Audio Producer and Host:I’m an eclectic being of sorts. A man who finds love in many places. Maybe you can find me behind the booth of a smoke infested nightclub strung over a pair of broken CDJs swinging synth lines and pattering drums in and out of one another like an ice skater’s razor sharp shoes, hypnotising the wobbling crowd. Maybe you can find me pinned to a mic madly juggling words; a lingual circus performer, a sonic jester. Recording my monthly podcast lets me experiment and play, making dance music lets me create, and Djing lets me perform. Combine these three essential elements, add a little bit of salt and voila…. You have yourself a happy Max; one who’s crazy little wandering mind is at last entertained. I’m a student, at UTS to be exact, just a confused child wandering the glassy fields of knowledge and learning…..(just kidding, sounds cheesy and gross, pretend that part never existed).. But I am actually a student, a young grass hopper slowly conquering my Sound and Music Design Bachelor, a course that I can with all my heart actually say that I am enjoying.