Take One

Fridays 3PM – 4PM

Take One: your weekly guide to what’s happening on Sydney’s live music scene. Taking a cross section of the Eastside sound and tells you where you can find them performing LIVE at a venue near you. Want to know more? Tune in for interviews with everyone from the artists themselves to those working behind the scenes to help bring Sydney’s live music scene to life. Previous guests include Julian Curwin (Tango Saloon, Mango Saloon, Romeo Records), Emily Wurramara, Ellen Kirkwood (Fat Yahoozah, Mister Ott, On the Stoop, Sirens Big Band) and Sarah McKenzie (Impulse! Records).

Melanie Christodoulou – Host and Executive Producer: This Sydney-sider is a young jazz singer having worked under the guidance of some of the city’s finest educators including singer/songwriter/pianist Di Solomon, pianist Adrian Lim-Klumpes (The Leaf Label/ Rufus Records, Triosk, Tangents, Three of Millions), singer/songwriter’s Lily Dior (AUS) and Elana Stone (All Our Exes Live In Texas). Her performance career has extended across Sydney’s live music scene, having performed with bassist Hannah James (AUS), guitarist Blain Cunnenn (The Baldwins, Blain and Courtney, Julia Jacklin), pianist Wilbur Whitta (Wilbur Whitta Trio, Black Bird Hum), drummer Brendan Paul, as well as presenter and drummer Johan Rahman, bassist Renee King (Sydney Women’s Jazz Collective), saxophonist Zac Olsen (Papaya Tree). 2015 saw her assume both the Musical Director and a hosting position on Eastside Radio 89.7FM.


Madelyn Tait – Audio Producer and Host: Currently working in advertising and television as a Sound Engineer/Sound Editor, Madelyn has a passion for all things music and sound. She is a frequent contributing writer for Australian music magazine The Music, providing album, concert and festival reviews. She completed a Bachelor of Music and Sound Design and a Bachelor of Communication (Honours) at The University Of Technology Sydney, and as a multi-instrumentalist and composer continues to create and teach.




Orli Zahava – Host (Programmer and Presenter): Orli loves live music. Nothing could be finer than sharing the airspace with talented artists whose technical capabilities and on stage charisma charm a crowd to make us audience members soar. It might sound idealistic, but collective ecstasy through music is what Orli lives for. She can be found frequenting live music venues and festivals across Sydney in search of these transcendental experiences. Her music tastes are eclectic and she’s always open to discover new sounds by new and established artists. Her deep respect for gifted musicians and their craft, and all that goes into making a great live act informs her choice of live gigs each time she programs and presents the Take One show. Sharing and encouraging a love of live music is Orli’s gift to the community and her personal passion. “People [used to] make records. As in a record of an event, the event of people, playing music in a room” Fuel by Ani DiFranco.

Joel Ehrlich – Audio Producer and Host: Joel is a multi-instrumentalist/composer currently undertaking a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney conservatorium of music with a passion for blues, rock, jazz and digital music. He performs with the band ‘Grain of Soul’ as their pianist and loves to discover new up and coming artists. As a huge fan of live music, Joel greatly appreciates the ability for improvisation and innovation during a live performance, referring to it as ‘live problem solving’. Some of his most recent works include composing for films such as ‘Living on the Line’ which screened in major cinemas throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. He is currently working as the lead music supervisor and composer for the feature length documentary ‘Extreme Minds’ releasing late 2023. He hopes to encourage both young and old music lovers to support and participate in the live music scene.


Joshua Duffy – Audio Producer and Host: Joshua has spent many years developing community events that have exhibited and promoted music and art across Sydney’s local venues. Most notably, Joshua developed the community project Yardfest, an annual music and art festival, beginning in the eastern suburbs of Sydney as a local one day event. Over a 6 year period the festival grew into a 3 day event, located in the backcountry of the Central Coast of NSW, with over 60 musical acts and fine artists. Joshua has emphasised the importance of music as an intergenerational experience, giving communities the freedom to connect across generations through creative endeavours. Joshua was a previous producer at 2ser radio, he is involved in his own music and comedic projects, and has recently began a career in education, teaching english and drama to high school students. Joshua has a deep passion for all subgenres of jazz, funk, soul and world music and hopes to promote this in an eclectic live music program on the Eastside Radio’s Take One.

To contact Take One please send an email to takeone@eastsidefm.org