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by Melanie Christodoulou
posted 01/07/2016

Take One – 1st July 2016 GIG GUIDE


On today’s episode, we’re wrapping up celebrations for our past mid-year Radiothon and what a success it was! Thanks to your donations we raised over $25,000 through your calls, online subscriptions, and donations and we can’t thank you enough! That money will be put to great use I can assure you but I’m sure what everyone who signed up is really looking forward to are their prizes! I can tell you the album’s alone are overflowing with ARIA, Bell, and Grammy award winners from local and international talents as well as all the other special goodies you’re all entitled to for being a supporter during our Radiothon.

There’s always time to support even if you missed our major drive last week, and you can do so by heading to our website, eastsidefm.org and clicking on the support button. Whilst you’re there why not check out the take one page, via the program guide to find out more information about the artists you’ll be hearing today as well as catching up on past episodes of the show featuring a thriving list of homegrown and international talent. Speaking of today’s talent, we’ll be hearing from the likes of Mister Ott (who supported our drive at our launch party not so long ago), Vince Jones, Emma Pask, new music from Ngaiire and more so strap in for some great tunes coming your way. Don’t forget of course you can also get in touch with the show via our social media pages, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM.


Live Wrap Up – Lloyd Spiegel @ Camelot Lounge June 25th 2016

I thought I would tell you about a fantastic show I recently saw featuring Aussie talent Lloyd Speigel. Listeners of the show will know how much I was already a fan of this talent’s work prior to even seeing him live. In part, it was because of his great ‘Double Live’ album out now that really gives you as close a glimpse into the ability of this artist apart from seeing him live. Now I’d bought tickets to see him as a birthday present for my Dad, who was a little less familiar with his work. I did reassure him beforehand that we’ll be in good hands, but wow did we see a special show. First of all he packed out Camelot Lounge, not a tough thing for this internationally and critically acclaimed artist but that’s still a feat in itself. What I really loved about the performance was his ability to remain genuine, cliqué yes but completely honest.

Aussie blues legend @lloydspiegelmusic #live at @camelot_lounge settling in to blow us all away

A video posted by Melanie Christodoulou (@takeonefm) on

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, he does work with bands, but his best work, in my humble opinion, is solo. It’s simple; just a mike, an acoustic guitar and a kick drum. He filled up the entire room from note one with the power of a 10 piece and not a single eye moved from the stage whilst he was playing other than to check out the cool camera set up that showed you a close-up of the incredible feat’s he was producing as he soloed, strummed and pounded out on his custom made guitar. His lyrics moved from gut wrenching to jovial and his set list was open to requests because he understood he was there for the audience. An audience who’d been following him for quite some time across albums, continents and stages and were just happy to hear him sing. He broke up the set to share some sweet little anecdotes about his family and travels, to seeing Vanilla Ice in a small town rough Aussie pub for $15 with his best mate, and made everyone in that room feel like a close friend. He is currently on tour but won’t be back in Sydney for a while but be sure that the moment he announces a new date here you can hear it first on Take One.

Gig Guide –

4.7.16 505 Jazz Jam and Games Night
4.7.16 The Basement Sydney The Monday Jam
4.7.16 LazyBones Lounge Marrickville Sonic Mayhem Orchestra
5.7.16 Venue 505 Old School Funk and Groove Night
5.7.16 Foundry616 Twelve Dollar Tues Aaron Blakey Quartet
5.7.16 LazyBones Lounge Marrickville That Red Head
6.7.16 Venue 505 Blue Wednesday
6.7.16 Foundry 616 Brendan Clarke Quartet
6.7.16 Lazybones Lounge Hammerhead
7.7.16 Venue 505 Pratt, McMahon, Gander, Hirst
7.7.16 Colbourne Ave Ephemeraa
8.7.16 Camelot Lounge MarrickvilleVince Jones
8.7.16 The Basement Sydney The Foreday Riders (Album Launch)
8.7.16 Venue 505 Wassado 100% Dance
8.7.16-9.7.16 Foundry 616 An Evening with Steve Ross (USA)
8.7.16 Django Bar Cass Eager Music + Rory Ellis (EP Launch)
9.7.16 Venue 505 Emma Pask
9.7.16 Camelot Lounge Mexican party with Victor Valdes and the Real Mexico Mariaci Band
9.7.16 Lazybones Lounge Chris Cavill & The Prospectors / Emily Wurramara / Spines
10.7.16 Lazybones Lounge Becky and the Pussycats
10.7.16 Django Bar Uzunstein Chamber Orchestra
10.7.6 The Independent Theatre Mythra Ensemble ‘A Prelude in Tea’ Concert

Take One 1st July 2016

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