Sounds of Soul

Fridays 6.30PM

Presented by DJ Burn Hard & The Northern Soul Poster Boy

This is the sound of black America pressed on wax! Sounds of Soul is all about bringing you the tracks beyond the ever-popular Soul classics, celebrating the rarer songs of an extraordinary era. Fortunately there was a surplus of great music produced in the heyday of Soul, including countless regional hits, some fabulous near misses and completely unheard of records – all of which comprise the repertoire of Sounds Of Soul. Like most popular music, Soul mirrored the times, adopting contemporary sounds and styles, which is what makes it such a diverse genre, and why this program is so rich in variety.

Presenter DJ Burn Hard is a renowned deejay and collector who cut his teeth in the European Rare Soul scene of the 80s. He started out in his teens, accumulating Soul records in his hometown of Vienna, before becoming a successful club promoter and popular local DJ. In 2005 he transferred his talents to Sydney, joining Eastside FM in in the same year. Now firmly ensconced in the Sydney Soul scene, DJ Burn Hard prides himself on his commitment to paying the utmost respect to all the artists by playing only original vinyl recordings, and continuing to dig deep into the seemingly bottomless reservoir of Rare Soul.

Join DJ Burn Hard for 90 minutes of Rare Soul, all played from original vinyl, be it lush Modern, upfront Northern, mellow Crossover Soul or the newest contemporary releases.

So cut the chatter and roll a platter!

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