by Margaux Dombkins
posted 11/02/2018

SHORT + SWEET – Arts Monday

The Short and Sweet festival – ‘the biggest little play festival in the world’ is back for its 17th year in Sydney. Short+Sweet 2018 features 130 plays across 8 weeks, with 2 new programmes every week. The different programs feature new writers, directors and a totally new cast. Among the plays showing nightly this week is Monet, Monet, Monet! by Pauline Turner, and The Woman Who Thought She Thought A New Thought by Carol Dance.

In Monet Monet Monet, when a Monet disappears from an art gallery wall, an eccentric woman is arrested for art theft on the evidence of surveillance video. But is the footage the truth… or just an impression of it? It stars Steven Tait, Eveline Schubert, Carolina Portugal and Katia Moors and is produced by Andrew Cohen.

Writer and Director, Pauline Turner, is my guest today.


In The Woman Who Thought She Thought A New Thought, a woman sings as she showers. A new thought pops into her head. Can she remember it? Will the thought she thought be lost forever? It stars Julia Dance and Sasha Dance.

Writer and Director, Carol Dance, is my guest today.

SHORT + SWEET – February – April 2018

Tom Mann Theatre

136 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills

Info / Tickets:

I look forward to your company 10.30am – midday


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