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by Rike Franke
posted 04/04/2018

Science, art and history!

Even the building of the Australian museum represents the historical and artistic beauty of the country. For tourists and people who have just arrived in Sydney, the Australian museum should be written in capital letters on your to-do list. From just walking into the big entrance hall, it’s obvious, that there is a lot to see and experience.

At first, the history of Australia gets up close and personal with a detailed look at aboriginal art and culture. Can anything be more significant when it comes to a nation’s history than the habits and cultural background of its earliest residents? There are many interesting pieces like colourful masks, old treasures, and traditional clothes. There is so much to learn about the long journey of the Australian people and their cultural development throughout time.

After passing the giant first hall with its cultural treasures, there is a great collection of animals. It doesn’t matter, if they are already extinct or still present on our planet – the great diversifaction of flora and fauna in Australia is displayed in the museum. It even gets dangerous, showing the most poisonous animals in Australia. From giant sharks to tiny insects, you get a real impression of the natural beauty of the country.

The final highlight of the tour is the exposition of various dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and different minerals and stones. Even if you are a resident in Sydney and have been your whole life, the Australian museum is always worth a visit and a place where you can learn more about the incomparable nature and culture of Australia.




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