by Ruth Hessey
posted 22/02/2016

Save Our Trees!


Since December last year when local resident Adnil Ramos came into the studio to talk about the impending loss of 700 significant trees in the Randwick area, Monday Drive has been following the drama surrounding these vintage arboreal guardians of our ecosystems. Unfortunately in January we lost 20 heritage trees along Maiden’s Row in Alison Road, as well as several trees and their huge singing green canopies along Wansey Road, and Anzac Parade, much to the distress of locals.

Here’s a video made by Ruth Hessey from Monday Drive…

Ostensibly sacrificed to the new light rail, it has since emerged that without Randwick Council’s consent or approval, the route was amended to the detriment of the trees to support development plans by the Randwick Racecouse for a hotel, entertainment centre and VIP car park. However, community outrage has steadily built with a series of events, including a memorial to the trees on what is now an avenue of wood chips. The recent rally on Valentine’s day attracted over 1000 people who called on Mike Baird to stop the carnage now.

Here’s another video made again by Ruth Hessey from Monday Drive…

For more info visit the facebook pages and websites for Keeping Randwicks Trees and the Total Environment Centre. We can save these trees!


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