The Philosophy of Jazz – Interview with Mick and Renata

The podcast episode features a conversation between Mick Paddon and Renata Arrivolo. Mick is filling in for Phil James on the show “Philosophy of Jazz.” Renata Aravolo, a jazz pianist, is the special guest. They discuss the Open Academy at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, focusing on adult education and various courses related to jazz. Renata shares her journey from being a student at the Open Academy to becoming a professional jazz musician.

She talks about the welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere at the Open Academy, the range of courses offered, and the opportunities it provides for people of all ages to explore and develop their musical interests. Renata also mentions the joy of playing jazz and the importance of interaction and conversation in jazz music. The episode highlights the value of the Open Academy as a pathway for aspiring musicians to pursue their passion and develop their skills.


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