Ronald Ryan and the Blood on Helmut Lange

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This episode of Sonic Tales is produced with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation –

1965. A gaol break! Alarm! Pandemonium! A prison guard is killed. The State Premier wants blood.

Ronald Ryan is about to be convicted of the murder. A prison officer, Helmut Lange, has evidence to prove the man is innocent, but producing it will jeopardise his future and those of his fellow officers.

Helmut needs courage to do what is right, but childhood memories torture him as he wrestles with the conflict between self-preservation, and loyalty, and courage. Misplaced ideals always exact a price.

This is his story. It is based on the true case of Ronald Ryan, the last man hanged in Australia. Ronald Ryan and the Blood on Helmut Lange tells of a daring gaol break and the resulting last man to be legally executed in Australia. This extraordinary case actually resulted in the laws pertaining to capital punishment to be forever changed in Australia due to the Premier’s blind insistence that the execution proceed regardless of any appeals. The protests by Australians went on for a long time afterwards until the law was abolished.

Written by Gerry Greenland.

Helmet Lange – Nicholas Gledhill

Ronald Ryan – Harley Connor

Dorothy Ryan – Jodie Muir

Chief Warder – Kim Kncukie

Phillip Opas – Christopher Dibb

Premier Bolty – Chris Lewis

Premier Bolty’s Secretary – Jackie Greenland

1st Guard / Judge – Peter Towmax

2nd Guard / Jurymen – Paul Dowson

Recorded by Tegan Nicholson & Nate Edminston. Sound effects by Gerry Greenland. Audio mastered by Nate Edminston.

Produced and Directed by Gill Falson and Gerry Greenland.

Sonic Tales has been produced by the wonderful Gill FalsonĀ andĀ Tegan Nicholls.

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