How Much Do You Know? Episode 3

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How Much Do You Know? is a podcast series that looks at HIV now.

It’s brought to you by and produced in the studios of Eastside Radio located in Paddington Sydney in association with ViiV Healthcare.

Dr Barbara Rysenbry is a clinical psychologist who specialises in helping adults work through difficulties such as coping with illness, relationship difficulties and problems adjusting to stressful life events and transitions.

She’s joined in the studio with Journalist Tim Brunero to highlight the range of emotions that people experience when diagnosed with HIV.

Change always comes from within and to stat the process really requires the motivation of the individual. You can reach out to Dr Barbara Rysenbry for more information via the Holdsworth House Website

Head to for a full list of sexual health clinics throughout the state or call 1800 451 624 today.

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