How Much Do You Know? Episode 2

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How Much Do You Know? is a podcast series that looks at HIV now.

It’s brought to you by and produced in the studios of Eastside Radio located in Paddington Sydney in association with ViiV Healthcare.

Dianne Nyoni is a campaigner who wants to see more support services for woman with HIV. As someone who was positive for 8 years before first discovery, she’s now been living with the disease for 17 years!

Journalist Tim Brunero joins Dianne and looks at the early signs and somewhat strange relief at eventual diagnosis.

Dianne was able to defeat the final stages of HIV as it was transforming into AIDS-defining illnesses and go on to empower and give voice to many more women through her unique and powerful storytelling.

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Head to for a full list of sexual health clinics throughout the state or call 1800 451 624 today.

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