Ep 3, Part 1: 1988

Ep 3, Part 1: 1988

1988 in Australia. On the musical front, it was seriously divided between the mainstream music industry and the alternative/underground scene, yet both sides had their eyes on the international stage. But there was a bigger issue; 1988 marked the Bicentennial of the British invasion of Aboriginal lands. Indigenous activists were waiting to protest any celebrations. It was this that the international media focused on.


Minced Meat: The World’s Got Everything In It

NO: 200 Years

Kev Carmody: Black Deaths In Custody

James Freud: One Fine Day

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: City Of Refuge

The Triffids: Jerdacuttup Man

King Snake Roost: Gutterbreath

Distant Locusts: Father’s Suit

Matrimony: Whirlpool Head

Box The Jesuit: Three Cheers For The Pancreas

Slub: Rootman

Beasts of Bourbon: Door To Your Soul

Umkulu: Boomerang

Gondwana: Swamp

No Fixed Address: Pigs

The Gravy: Spirit Of The Land

SPK: Kambuja

Kev Carmody: Thou Shalt Not Steal

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