Dis-Moi Au Revoir

Dis-Moi Au Revoir

By: Clara Esnault

Podcast: Music

In this podcast you can listen to Alan Field interview me (Clara, Intern) about my experience at the station. And because when one intern leaves another arrives, the radio station welcomes Kate, who also speaks into Alan’s microphone.

In French we say “Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin”. This can be translated into “All good things come to an end”. Today is my last day as an intern at East Side Radio and I’m leaving with nostalgia but also with a lot of great memories.

At East Side, I discovered a mix of people sharing a passion for broadcasting, music of all genres and people highly motivated to contribute to the community. Behind the scenes I was able to see all the work that goes into a radio station and trust me, it’s a lot !

I feel lucky to have found a community radio station that has been around for over 40 years and continues to have the will to produce more and more content for listeners. East Side is not just about jazz, it’s about music you can’t hear anywhere else, it’s about being connected to Sydney’s cultural scene and the people who make it happen. Overall it’s about the volunteers who have something to share with the community.

I had the best time here and also had the opportunity to produce my own show Get In Touch With The French Touch, which you can find here.

Thanks for everything East Side ! <3

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