Ep 6, Part 1: A Structural Matter

Ep 6, Part 1: A Structural Matter

By: Rob Marjenberg

Podcast: The Intersection - Eastside FM

It became known as “the Great Australian Silence”. The way in which white Australia failed to recognize its Indigenous history. In this episode of The Intersection we look at a few ways in which, from a personal perspective, music tried to counter that silence.


Eleanor Dixon: My Spirit Is Free

No Fixed Address: Vision (Version)

Tactics: Buried Country

Tactics: A Long Story

Tactics: Standing By The Window

Tactics: Gold Watch 

Tactics: The Usual

Galarway Yunupingu: Gurindji Blues (Poor Bugger Me)

Black Allan Barker: Run Dingo Run

Mac Silva: Malabar Mansion

Vic Simms: The Loner

Vic Simms: Stranger In My Country

Vic Simms: Poor Folk’s Happiness

Dougie Young: Cuttin’ The Rug

Dougie Young: Land Where The Crow Flies Backwards

Dougie Young: They Say It’s A Crime

Frank Yamma: She Cried

Ruby Hunter: Ngarrindji Woman

Kankawa Nagarra :: Krien Por Country 

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