by Ian Hawley
posted 11/10/2017

“Piano Lessons” By Anna Goldsworthy

This theatrical adaptation of concert pianist and author Anna Goldsworthy’s award-winning memoir blurs the line between stage play and piano recital.  Emotionally affecting and musically rich, this unique and intimate production combines live performance with subtle storytelling that will entertain and delight. Goldsworthy will perform Friday, October 20 at the City Recital Hall.


Goldsworthy appears as herself to tell the story of her own musical journey from gawky nine-year-old piano student to acclaimed concert pianist under the passionate tutelage of Russian émigré Mrs Sivan.  With gentle humor, their relationship reveals the many parallels between lessons in music and lessons in life.  As the charismatic teacher inspires and challenges Anna, we learn what it takes to be a virtuoso; physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Directed by Michael Futcher and also featuring the widely-acclaimed Helen Howard as Mrs Sivan, this critically acclaimed production gives a rare and intimate glimpse into what it is to be a professional musician, and also what it is to be human.

WHO: Anna Goldsworthy

WHERE: City Recital Hall

WHEN: Friday, October 20 from 7:00 P.M.

TICKETS: cityrecitalhall.com

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