by rosenblums
posted 26/07/2017

Percussion with Mark Robinson

Over the course of June and July 2017, Sylvia recorded 6 episodes with Assistant Principal Timpani and Percussionist with Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Episodes were recorded in the Conservatorium, in the bowels of the Sydney Opera House and for 2 memorable episodes from the stage of the Sydney Opera House. Episodes range from the big bass drum down to tiny whistles and everything in between. Listen to the six episodes below:

That was the introduction to the series. Now for Part 2, the first of 2 episodes where Mark talks about pitched percussion:


This is the second of the 2 episodes talking about pitched percussion:

And now for Part 4, the first of two episodes we recorded on the stage of the  Sydney Opera House. This one demonstrates drums:

Here is Part 5, the second recorded on stage at the Sydney Opera House and Mark demonstrates timpani:

And now for Part 6, the finale of the series and we explore “everything else”: a selection from the variety of instruments percussionists are required to play:




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