Pauline: From TV to Radio

February 13, 2024

Little Pauline from Germany was always impressed by the effect movies and music have on people. Little Pauline is now 22 years old and the new intern at Eastside Radio.

By Pauline Wiesner

Hi, I am Pauline and it’s my first week at Eastside Radio in Paddington, Sydney. Originally I am from Frankfurt and I will be with Eastside FM for 5 weeks. Back in Germany I completed a traineeship at the German public-service television broadcaster „ZDF“. Germany has a unique concept of training people both on the job and in school which is called “Ausbildung”. This way you get to experience the workfield and also educational parts in school. My apprenticeship lasted for 2.5 years and I just finished in January. After my internship I will go on to study “Media Conception and Production”. 

Why Media? Ever since I was young, I was intrigued by the idea of making people smile, laugh and even cry through different mediums such as books, music and most of all films. That is why I chose a career in media, which is a very general field. Since I was trained at a TV company, I did not get to experience the production of radio yet. Now I am keen on learning how entertainment based on audio works. As I am completely new to the world of radio broadcasting I am exited to bring an outsiders perspective.

Why radio? You can find me listening to the radio almost every day when I get ready. I honestly need somebody else to wake me up and help me start the day. Also I am impressed by the effect music has on people and I cannot wait to hear the presenters perspectives on the songs they choose to play within their shows.

Why Sydney? Well, I simply had to flee the German winter to enjoy some of the Sydney sun. Secondly, I graduated high school during a pandemic, which left me no opportunity to travel back then, which I want to do now.  

What Experiences I would like to gain during my internship? Find my bucket list down below for further intel.

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