One Size Fits All

Wednesdays MIDDAY

Presented by Peter Dasent

ONE SIZE FITS ALL – the musical universe of Frank Zappa

FRANK ZAPPA (1940-1993) was an American composer, songwriter, guitarist and bandleader. Between 1966 and 1993 he produced over 50 albums of highly original music, encompassing every known genre and several he invented himself.

One Size Fits All takes Frank Zappa’s diverse musical catalogue as the jumping off point for an hour of listening that includes selections from Zappa’s vast output and also music that relates to Zappa in any number of different ways: ’60s or ’70s pop and rock, jazz musicians playing music that’s not jazz, or composers and bands imbued with Zappa’s spirit of experimentation and wilful flaunting of the boundaries of genre and musical labels.

Peter Dasent is a lifelong Zappa fan (obviously), and is well-known on the Sydney music scene as the composer/pianist for his own eclectic ensemble The Umbrellas. This band has been together since 1985 and features such esteemed jazz identities as James Greening, Andrew Robson, and Toby Hall. In 2015 the Umbrellas released Lounge Suit Tango, their first album in 20 years, and 2016 will see the release of Bravo Nino Rota, featuring Peter’s arrangements of Italian composer Nino Rota’s scores for the films of Federico Fellini. Also in 2015 Peter released Songs for Solo Piano, an acclaimed album of solo piano music. Peter is also a composer for film and TV, perhaps best known for his scores for the early Peter Jackson films Meet the Feebles, Brain Dead, and Heavenly Creatures. And if you ever happen to tune in to ABC-TV’s PlaySchool you’ll hear Peter on the piano, his regular gig since the year 2000.

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