Nightshift Sunday

Sundays 12:30PM

Presented by Big Pete

Under The Covers

This show is all about alternate versions or covers of songs and tunes, some you will know, some you may not.

Covers here doesn’t mean a replica or imitation, it means an interpretation, whether it be a different arrangement or unique voice.

All music genres throughout time have been influenced by the music that came before.
From classical to modern times, songs and tunes have been frequently covered by different artists.

This show will include covers in multiple different musical styles, such as but not limited to: Pop, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, folk, disco, funk, reggae, country, classical, bluegrass, new wave, punk, electronic, novelty, classical, hip hop, and many more.

There are also four regular weekly segments – Instrumental, Original Track, Beatles Cover and Bonzer or Bonkers (an unusual song, novelty song or well known song sung in a foreign language),

“Under The Covers” brings you a fresh feel to pre-loved music by well known and not so well known artists, many of which are sure to surprise and delight you!.

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