Nightshift Friday


Presented by James Patrick.

Hello and welcome to “Tip Your Hat”.

My name is James Patrick and I will be presenting this Eastside program that, as the name suggests, Tips their Hat, or acknowledges and celebrates a particular artist or genre in the music world.

Which fabulous artist, or genre, that is acknowledged may depend on the time, date, height, weight, or hat size. Or in other words just me. Or even by popular demand.

So if you have someone, or some genre, in mind who deserves a Tipping of the Hat, feel free to contact us here at Eastside and tell us who and why we should be Tipping our Hat to them. Maybe it’s their birthday, or an anniversary of their death or even their best work. Get in touch and I’ll do my best to get it to air.

You can have your say by texting to: 0431 860 335, Or email to: I’ll give that contact info. at the end of the program so have your pens or digits to the ready.