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by reception
posted 13/08/2018

My Work Experience at Eastside Radio

Hi there I’m Amelia Mackadam and for the next 4 days I’ll be participating in work experience at Eastside Radio! I am currently in Year 10 and studying music, music has always been a passion of mine so it only made sense to work in an environment where there were like minded individuals who share the same enthusiasm and appreciation for music as I do.

I love all sorts of music and am open to any genre (although I do have a particular soft spot for Australian artists). My taste in music has slowly changed over the years and I have become more open to new music styles and music from around the world. I found it particularly interesting that Eastside radio played a plethora of music from varying styles and varying places around the world, I was

surprised to see that Eastside Radio still uses CD’s and LP’s to stream their music, being someone who is quite proud of their (very small) music collection I was quite envious to see so many CD’S and vinyls stacked on shelves. I personally loved how each song played is handpicked by each presenter and isn’t just shuffled off a Top 50 playlist.

Being someone who plays various instruments I found it encouraging to be surrounded by music and an encouraging staff and who has a genuine respect for music. By having work experience at Eastside Radio it has opened me up to so many other careers in music that I would possibly be interested in. After just one day at Eastside Radio I was able to see what goes behind the scenes of running a radio station and how there are so many aspects apart from music that go into creating a radio station.

Although only having worked at Eastside Radio for a day I have already been exposed to the environment within a radio station, the staff are all so kind and very friendly; going into this I was quite nervous and was anxious as to what I should expect, but the staff were so friendly I felt so welcomed and comfortable. I’m excited for the next upcoming days of my work experience and am eager to learn new skills and experience new opportunities!

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