Tuesdays 8PM

Presented by Manny

Join Manny each Tuesday night for a 90 minute sonic mystery tour. Whether he’s dusting off some archives from oblivion or spooking the airwaves with sonorous apparitions, it’s The Mood that counts…a journey more than a destination.

Manny likes to share his passion for 80’s post punk and experimental music, 70’s dub, bloke folk, minimal techno, deep house, sound effects and spoken word grabs as well as the occasional melancholic pop song. All the while stitching together a loosely themed show you can enjoy in slippers, thongs or trainers.

After inheriting a half a crateful of choice 60’ and 70’s cuts from his older bro’ (sent back from swinging London in the early 70’s) Manny began collecting records seriously in the early 80’s while working in ABC Radio from 1982 – 89 and as a regular presenter on 2MBS FM’s ‘midnight to dawn’ programs between ’83-’88.

He is a member of the legendary recording and performance group The Loop Orchestra, and currently juggles work on Sydney’s harbour as a skipper and at a local Community Centre as a Care Support worker.

He joined Eastside in 2004.

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Recent Episodes

Moodswing - 08:00pm - Tuesday 12th December, 2017

Moodswing - 08:00pm - Tuesday 5th December, 2017

Moodswing - 12:00am Tuesday 5th December, 2017
joy divisin - transmission
ken nordine and the fred katz group - sound museum
slimeline - if you can dance you can do it
a certain ratio - blown away
dettinger - puma
john cooper clarke - health fanatic
pigbag - wiggling
the makers of the dead travel fast - tael of a seahorse
marshall mcluhan - excerpt fr the medium is the massage
x-ray-spex - warrior in woolworths
fela kuti & egypt 80 - beasts of no nation
pigbag - orangutango
mark ernestus and ndagga rhythm force - yermande
mf doom - track 4
pigbag - orangutango rewind
the jungle brothers - what's going on
wh auden - metalogue to the magic flute
moodymann - mahogany brown
harmonic choir - arc descents
moritz von oswald tri - yangissa
scientist - dubbers elight
kate bush vs infusion - running up that hill

Moodswing - 08:00pm - Tuesday 28th November, 2017

Moodswing - 12:00am Tuesday 28th November, 2017
the partridge family - i'll meet you halfway
charles manson - people say i'm no good
frances faye - lonesome road
ezra pound - hugh selwyn mauberley
ali omar - love has no enemy
stimming - the origin
ezra pound - cantico del sol
negative reaction - land of surrender
thrush and the *unts - little miss responsible
the go set - junk logic
skalpel - asphodel
om kalsoum - fakkarouni
stand by your guns - caught up in it
the oroton bags - bachelors
the incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became zombies - dub version
rhythm and sound - troddin version
anne pigalle - intermission, the gods are bored
dettmann and klock - scenario
nervous system - rendition
xero - strangers, immigrants and bandits
wild west - chinchilla
phil turnbull - slow
yclept dinmakers - kapu or higgins
laura jean - kelpie blues
the upsetters - dub along
king tubby - king tubby's roots dub
peter chemist - work to do dub

Moodswing - 08:00pm - Tuesday 21st November, 2017

Moodswing - 08:00pm - Tuesday 14th November, 2017

Moodswing - 08:00pm - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Moodswing - 12:00am Tuesday 7th November, 2017
joni mitchell - big yellow taxi
mark ernestus and obadikah - april
america - horse with no name
original motion picture soundtrack/marat sade/richard peaslee - 15 glorious years
olive - killing
kaitlyn aurelia smith - in the world but not of the world
lamb ji - mark ernestus' ndagga rhythm force
visit venus - the big tilt
alva noto - module 1
tony allen/moritz von oswald mix - ole
carrie nations - come with the gentle people
errorsmith - i'm interesting, cheerful and sociable
tolai/ traditional music from the gazelle peninsula/png - tinbuk
portishead - sour times
elmer bernstein - staccato's theme
elena kats-chernin - cadences,deviations and scarlatti
burial - homeless
burial - uk
the harmonic choir - arc descents