Miles’ Week of Work Experience @ Eastside FM

October 17, 2022

Miles Pike Diving in to Eastside FM

Music follows me wherever I take myself, whether I’m listening, singing or playing an instrument, it’ll always be a part of my life.

As far back as I could remember, I’d find myself looking up at the towering collection of various records all lined up on the shelf in my lounge room. So many artists, so many songs, so many notes, riffs, turns and bends in the music that would sweep me away every time we put one on over the speakers. Now I’m here starting a week of work experience at Eastside Radio, hand in hand with the music I grew up hearing. All the radio terms and language thrown around my whole life finally bounding into my learning career, it’s more than I could’ve hoped for. My name is Miles Pike, a 15-year-old year 10 student at Rosebank College in Fivedock and I’ve taken up a week-long work experience journey at Eastside Radio, broadcasting from Paddington Town Hall.

I grew up loving all sorts of music and still do, I never gravitate toward a given genre. My spotify discover weekly essentially looks like a bag of party favours, there’s a little bit of everything. I play guitar, drums, and occasionally use my vocals, I’ve even landed a spot in the school musical! The radio is a culmination of communities that come together for the purpose of displaying their musical tastes and discoveries to the world, it’s always been such a wonderful idea to me to one day be in a space like this.

My family’s been connected to the radio world for some time, especially my dad, walk into any record store across Sydney and say his name and you’ll be met with friendly smiles and warm welcomes. It was him that introduced me to the people here at Eastside FM and I instantly accepted this as the place for my work experience, I even used it as a bragging point among my mates, I still think it’s one of the luckiest work opportunities I’ve ever had.

Everyone here at Eastside FM makes you feel right at home from the very start, and I haven’t had a single regret in coming here. I can feel the love for the music in the air, and it’s just the sort of feeling I’ve been looking for.

Nowadays the shelf full of records no longer towers over me, actually, I can almost reach the top of it, but its presence in my life hasn’t changed at all. It’s just as breathtaking as it was when I saw it as a child. My hope is that music will continue to be as amazing as it has been to me for the rest of my life, and Eastside FM is a great reminder.

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