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posted 02/10/2018

Meet Victoria! The newest Intern

Hello! my name is Victoria and I am the newest Intern at Eastside FM.

Usually I live in the southern part of Germany but I am going to be here in Sydney for 5 month. I have always been interested in media like television and radio and my internship is a good opportunity to see how it works and to meet new professional people.

I just graduated high school this year and after my gap year I am going to go to the university. I am also very interested in traveling because I like to see new countries, new cultures, new environment and I like to meet new people. I have already been to a lot of interesting countries like USA, Namibia or China but I have never been in Australia before. So I really wanted to go there, so I took the chance.


In the first week in Sydney it was a little bit difficult, because I still had jet lag and I didn’t know anybody. In addition it was also really confusing that all the cars drive on the left side. But now I really enjoy being here and I hope that I will learn a lot of the radio business here!  In my free time I usually meet friends, listen to music or just take a nap. I also like playing soccer, eating Mexican and Asian food and I like playing the piano as well.




I like “Chocolate” by The 1975s because of the nice happy pop melody and I also like ” Rehab” by Machine Gun Kelly because I am a big fan of Machine Gun Kelly and I like the deep lyrics and the melody too.

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