by Tony Roma
posted 05/07/2018

Meet Paola AKA Dalai Our Newest Intern!

Dalai – Smoke Circus

Hi everybody! This is Paola Micieli (Aka Dalai) from Italy and I am the new intern here at EastsideFM. I am super excited about being here and I am enjoying the great jazzy vibes floating all around this place and the great people I am having the chances to meet. I am a singer and songwriter with an immense passion for music so, for me, being here is a huge opportunity. I have been singing and touring India, China, USA, and Europe over the last few years. I had studied in the most prestigious music school, CPM of Milan where I earned a bachelor degree in modern music and I also studied at Berklee, Boston. Before the music studies, I went to University and I have a 3 years bachelor degree in Science of Tourism. One year ago I have started a new music project with a guitarist and producer, Tommaso Ferrarese, and we have created our duo band “Smoke Circus”. We have started our own music label called “Ghita Records” and we are 100%, independent artist.

Dalai – Smoke Circus

Our music is strongly influenced by artists such as U2, Björk, Massive Attack, Muse, FKA twigs, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Emily Dickinson, Quentin Tarantino, The Beatles. What I love to say about the music I compose is that I consider it as an unconscious rationality brought to music, narrating images of oniric realities. For me life is all about traveling, music, fashion and self-improvement so, being here in the opposite side of the world compared to Italy, at Eastsidefm, is a golden occasion from which I will try to get the most of.

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