by Ian Hawley
posted 21/08/2017

Meet Our Newest Intern, Ian Hawley

Hey y’all,

My name is Ian Hawley, and I am the new intern here at EastsideFM! I’m originally from Alabama, and I’m currently studying for a degree in sports journalism at Michigan State University. I’ll be in Sydney until the end of October. And yes, the top image is of me and my mom. Hi mom!

I have a passion for writing and recording R&B music in my free time. For a year, I was a member of the Spartan Dischords, an a capella group at Michigan State.

My musical inspirations are Bryson Tiller, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown. My friend Justin and I worked for most of the 2016-2017 school year on our own original songs, recording over YouTube samples that we liked. Our group is named “chopshop.” If you would like to hear our music, click here.

Ian Hawley performs with the Spartan Dischords.

This is me performing with my former a capella group, the Spartan Dischords, in 2016.

I look forward to immersing myself in Australian culture and listening to all of the local artists that EastsideFM highlights. I interned May-August for WKAR, the National Public Radio station at Michigan State. I hope to learn even more about the radio industry while I’m here.

My favorite sport is basketball, particularly NCAA basketball, but at the moment I’ve been following Australian Rules Football quite closely. Maybe someone could teach me some of the nuances that I still don’t understand yet!

My favorite musician is Marvin Gaye, and my favorite movie is “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” (the Jim Carrey version, of course). As the late, great Jerry Lewis once said, “I’ve had great success being a total idiot.”

I look forward to meeting some of you listeners at the Global Rhythms music festival!



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