by Julia Ulbrich
posted 22/01/2019

Meet Julia! Eastside’s newest intern


my name is Julia and I am really excited to be joining the Eastside FM team as an intern for the next two months.

I graduated from high school last year and decided to escape my hometown of Cologne in Germany for the land down under for a little while.

I have always been fascinated with music, film and other forms of art and entertainment. (I used to pretend to have my own radio show as a kid and interview everyone in my family as guests on the show).

Back home I used to do modern circus(basically a combination of traditional circus and theatre) which is not just a great way to exercise, but also a way of expressing yourself creatively.

I also enjoy learning other languages, travel and I plan to backpack around Australia for a month after my internship at Eastside FM. Travel recommendations for the East coast, anyone?

What I love about Eastside FM is that it is a community radio and therefore all the presenters are really passionate about their shows and the music they share with the Eastsiders. I am really looking forward to learn about all the little things that it takes to run a radio station, exploring more genres (jazz seems to be a favourite here:)) and local artists.


My playlist usually includes songs from all different genres, for example Indie-rock and and the 70’s and 80’s music my dad has always played around the house. I only know the basic chords on the guitar, but I am determined to catch up on my guitar and ukulele skills, now that I will be surrounded by music all the time. My favourite song would have to be ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd, but these are some other songs I have really enjoyed listening to lately.



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