by Paul Goupille
posted 01/03/2017

If I Make It Till Monday by Sally Zwartz

  1. If I Make It Till Monday

What’s it like to be 100 years old? That’s something that more and more of us are going to find out firsthand. In the past 20 years, the number of centenarians in Australia increased by a dramatic 263%, and that trajectory is only getting steeper. If I Make It Till Monday provides a glimpse into the experience for those of us yet to get there. It’s a portrait of about-to-be-centenarian Arthur Eldridge, retired carpenter and longtime resident of Bankstown, a man with many years to look back on, a present he makes the most of and a future he looks forward to. It was produced by Sally Zwartz with technical assistance from Martin Peralta and Nicola Joseph, as part of a Community Media Training Organisation course.

Arthur Everidge_painting


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