by Hannah Heseding
posted 10/11/2016

Maggie Gerrand presents Bebel Gilberto

As one of Brazil’s top-selling artists and with multiple Grammy nominations, world-renowned singer-songwriter Bebel Gilberto has captivated fans and earned critical acclaim worldwide as the torchbearer of Brazil’s Bossa Nova tradition. She is the daughter of Brazilian music icon João Gilberto, one of the artists to first establish the genre of Bossa Nova in the country. Her mother is acclaimed vocalist Miúcha, and her uncle the legendary Chico Buarque. Coming from this rich family tradition of Brazilian masters, Bebel’s influences are vast and eclectic. Her penchant for sonically transporting listeners to Brazil, with bright, incandescent Bossa Nova-infused melodies, lyrics about love, and her lilting performance style have earned her rave reviews of her live performances.


Bebel splits her time between Rio de Janeiro and New York City: she’s exquisitely synthesized musical influences from both cities in her tracks. Her music is characterised by both warm and playful Brazilian rhythms including the berimbau, wood bongos and shakers and touches of electronica. She sings in portuguese and english and sometimes even uses both languages in the one song.

“Deliciously good, Bebel Gilberto has created dreamy, erotic, trance-music where acoustic guitars strum against a backdrop of lazy percussion beats …hearing it is like dying and going to Ipanema-heaven.” The Times UK

You can see Bebel Gilberto live at the Sydney State Theatre on 15 March presented by Maggie Gerrand.

Who: Bebel Gilberto

Where: State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney

When: 15 March 2017

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