Jammin - Wednesday

Wednesdays at 7am

Jammin - Wednesday

Jammin’ is about melody and improvisation and swing. It’s about standards and new music. It’s about small groups and big bands, and sometimes about solo playing. It will often be about piano music, alone or in company, because I love the piano.

Occasionally there might be some Blues and Soul.

Wednesday is about that hitting that hump of the week, having coffee or tea, and turning the corner towards the weekend. You need music to make you smile and that is what we will try to do on Jammin’ Wednesday. Music to make your day!

It is early but the day is yours, so share it with us.

To contact Jammin’ Wednesday please send an email to jamminwednesday@eastsidefm.org


About Chris

Chris first found his interest in Jazz at a Keith Jarrett concert in London in 1983. He has travelled a long road in music since that day. Now he wants to share the music that he loves.

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