Jammin’ Friday

Fridays 7AM

Presented by Paul Taylor

Jammin’ Friday is all about, up-beat, feel good music. A “Get Yo Ass Outta Bed” get in to your day, get on your bike or on your bus, in your car, to work, studies, play, centrelink, whatever, to cap your week off with good vibration’s!

My name is Paul Taylor, relocated to Sydney from Melbourne a few years ago and I haven’t looked back. New life in a new town,and what a town, I feel blessed, to be part of this beautiful, vibrant city.

I did numerous show’s on 3RRR, many moons ago and feel very fortunate to be able to present a show on Eastside Radio, in my opinion, the leading, community radio to be heard in Sydney.

I look forward to having a long relationship with Eastside and, and, you, the listening audience. MUSIC IS OXYGEN, so BREATHE people, and support your local radio. Oooh Yeah!

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