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Jammin’ Friday with a Touch of Mullum Music Festival!

Bonjour, Good Morning beautiful souls!

On today’s show, we will have a special Mullum Music Festival segments and if you are in the mood for some Italian ambiance  Italian singer Carlotta Centanni will be performing KISSES FROM ITALY at Django Bar this Sunday 10th of November at 6pm. 

FEATURED ARTISTS: Charlie Parker, Emma Donovan & The Putbacks, Nano Stern, Ann Peebles, Hello Tut Tut, Harry James Angus, Francois de Roubaix, Timi Yuro, Menique & Charlie Palmieri, Mojo Juju, Tesfa-Maryam Kidane, Makaya, Horace Silver, Alafia, Cigany Weaver, Jacky Terrasson, Karl S. Williams, Bobby Timmons, Serge Gainsbourg, Andie, Mina, Carlotta Centanni, Sonny Clark and Lee Morgan.

LISTEN to Friday 8th of November 2019 radio show ⇒   HERE 

Athésia xoxoxo





4 days | 12 official Venues | Over 200 performances – from the 14-17 November 2019 | www.mullummusicfestival.com
The 12th annual Mullum Music Festival is a family-friendly event that takes over the streets, cafes and halls of the NSW North Coast town of Mullumbimby (15 mins north of Byron Bay), NSW. This year with bands and musicians from Chile, South Africa, US, UK, Ethiopia, Canada, and the Solomon Islands playing alongside a power packed local and national line up. This year’s line up includes:



Nano Stern is a contemporary Latin American roots artist, riding the crest of the new wave of Chilean Song, with a devoted following that stretches out from Chile, into Latin America, north to Mexico, Canada and the USA, over to Europe and down in Australia. His musical virtuosity, mesmerizing and charismatic live performances and his passionate and poetic advocacy for social justice result in a true and honest universal message, delivered with intense energy and a high level of musicality, dwelling deeply into tradition whilst being contemporary with the passion of youth. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/NANO_STERN_CHILE/706



Acclaimed Indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan and Melbourne rhythm combo The Putbacks burst on to the Australian scene with their album Dawn in 2015, announcing a new voice in Australian soul music. Emma’s songwriting is optimistic, impassioned, and bruisingly honest, The Putbacks’ music is fluid, live and raw, and the collaboration has won friends and admirers all over the world. The project was born of Emma and the band’s shared love for classic US soul and the protest music of Indigenous Australia. Shades of every soul record you ever liked sneak through: Al Green’s Hi Records era? Check. Aretha’s Classic Atlantic recordings? Check. Stacks of Stax? Check. It’s all there, but there’s also a whole lot of Coloured Stone and Warumpi Band inuences giving this project a uniquely Australian slant. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/EMMA_DONOVAN_AND_THE_PUTBACKS/709



Harry James Angus, the firebrand trumpet-playing vocalist from The Cat Empire, is known both for his thrilling live performances and for his constant musical re-invention.His new work takes the raw intensity, chaos and exploratory power that has helped make The Cat Empire such an incandescent live experience, but redirects it towards a darker, more weirdly beautiful universe. A universe inspired by artists like Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Antony & The Johnsons and John Coltrane. The first song from Harry’s new body of work “Flicker”, is a strange, Frankenstein of a song. Incorporating gospel harmonies, thumping drums, a disregard for conventional song structure (or tempo for that matter) and most importantly a vocal take that stretches Harry’s considerable range to its very extremes and most powerful places. It is deeply affecting and personal. It is, quite simply utterly sublime and unlike anything else you will hear. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/HARRY_JAMES_ANGUS/720



Self medicating on proper happiness and adequate fun Hello Tut Tut have made a speedy ascent on to the World Music scene, winning over local and international crowds with their performances at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tablelands Folk Festival, Falls Festival (Byron Bay), Bello Winter Music Festival, Illawarra Folk Festival, Luminat(NZ), Live en Août (New Caledonia), and a collection of Australia’s most recognised venues and night markets. Hello Tut Tut takes its audience on an high energy, stimulating musical safari shaped by the aesthetics of cultures from around the world. Exploring their heritage through a unique blend of gypsy, klezmer, balkan and latin sounds, they will entertain with a finesse, charm and intensity that will get you up and dancing! https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/HELLO_TUT_TUT/738



2018 saw Mojo Juju drop her her biggest album yet, and in adherence to the laws of physics it made some mighty big waves too. Garnering rave reviews for the brutally honest title track “Native Tongue” and it’s accompanying video and amassing new fans along the way, Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga, a.k.a. Mojo Juju, continues to rise.Collecting a slew of accolades, 15 award nominations (including 3 x ARIA nominations) and taking home a healthy bundle of awards, including the J Award for ‘Best Music Video’ and the Dreamtime Award for ‘Best Female Artist’. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/MOJO_JUJU/707



Karl S. Williams emerged from the cane country of Northern New South Wales, steeped in swamp water and primitive music. His songs are a distillation of life, love and the human condition; a kind of folk, soul, blues but not as you know it. With a weaponised voice that can soar, moan and ache with the best of them, a Karl S. Williams show is frequently referred to as a spiritual experience – delivered with a visceral conviction that leaves audiences profoundly moved. His debut album Heartwood was released in 2014 to widespread acclaim. He was awarded artist of the year at the inaugural Gold Coast Music Awards in 2015 and took out a QMA in 2018 for the single ‘Blood To Give’. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/KARL_S_WILLIAMS/745



Armed with her fender ‘stang and sultry vocal chords, Katoomba residing cherub Andie will steal your heart and boggle your mind. Inspired by 80’s prog rock and neo-soul sounds, she her own brand of sneaky and powerful soul music by use of complex chords, time signatures and syncopation. Prepare to be lulled into a dreamy state before she yanks you right back out with her abrasively honest lyrics. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/ANDIE/747



Formed out of a love for the legendary partnership of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli, Cigány Weaver are one of Australia’s most exciting gypsy-jazz ensembles. Their virtuosic and energetic live performances invoke everything from subtle toe-tapping to exuberant dance floor foot-stomping. Their sound is reminiscent of jazz Manouche, traditional swing and Romani music, interwoven with contemporary material from artists like Bjork, and the band’s reinterpretations of classics from popular culture. https://www.mullummusicfestival.com/CIGANY_WEAVER/736

Source: www.mullummusicfestival.com




Dear listeners, on Friday 15th of November, I will be away and the lovely Virginia Lowe from the radio show The Lowedown broadcast here on Eastside radio every Tuesday’s at 9am will be stepping in. If you’ve never tuned in to her show head to www.eastsidefm.org/lowedown.

Keep your hearts in tune with Athésia. #Athesia #FridayMorning 

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