by Rike Franke
posted 03/05/2018

REVIEW: Jacob Collier Live at Metro Theatre

Monday, 30th April at Metro Theatre: Review by Rike Franke

Lights on, the stage with all the instruments is lighted and the crowd cheers and screams: “Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!” He comes up to the stage and the Metro Theatre welcomes him with a loud applause. On Monday, the 30th April Jacob Collier was the reason for the long queue at George Street. Many people were waiting in line to see the 23-year-old Wunderkind performing on stage. He is a real entertainer and rocks the stage all by himself with a lot of humor and charm.

His first concert in Sydney was more than successful, not only for Jacob but also for his fans. During the concert, you can see surprised and astonished expressions on the faces of the audience, while they ask themselves: “How is he doing all this at the same time?”

Jacob is a One-Man-Band. The musical all-rounder from London published his first album “In My Room” in July 2016 and won two Grammys only one year later. Collier inspires his fans with his YouTube videos, in which he gives the word “multitasking” a new meaning. Drums, guitar, bass, piano or vocals: Jacob handles all the instruments and his voice easily and creates new harmonies, melodies and songs.

With his extraordinary musical family background, it´s no wonder that the 23-year-old artist is one of the upcoming stars of his generation. On this evening, there is nobody in the audience who is standing still or not clapping his hands. Everybody moves to his energetic compositions with a little bit of beatboxing and to his calm and emotional songs. The diversity of his musical skills inspires his fans.

Not only Jacob Collier performs at the concert, but also the audience gets involved in an interactive experience. The young artist motivates his fans to sing and to clap and the Metro Theatre turns into an ocean of voices and harmonies. His fans won´t forget this wonderful concert and certainly, Jacob Collier will remember Sydney in a very good way.


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