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posted 13/06/2019

Con Open Academy – Interview with Jonathan Palmer



What sort of people take the sound recording in the home studio class? Why do they take it?

The type of people who take Sound Recording in the Home Studio class are usually musicians who are interested to recording themselves or friends. They take this course to give them a foundation in the theory and practice of recording. The practical experiences they receive throughout the course give them the confidence to apply the class to their own recording sessions.

How did you get into this field?

I originally trained as a musician and realised that career was not for me. As I wanted to stay in the music field I tried out recording and after my first experience, I was hooked!

What are some of your top reminiscences or stand out moments in your professional musical life?

Throughout my career I have been blessed to work and travel with some wonderful musicians and ensembles around the world. I have worked with ensembles such as the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Gondwana Choirs and many more. What I really enjoy is that you don’t have to go far to find some wildly talented artist to work with. Sydney

What advice would you give potential students who might be keen to enroll in Sound Recording in the home studio?

The first advice I would give to potential students interested in enrolling in Sound Recording in the Home Studio is you don’t need lots of technology to record well, its how you apply it in the situation to get the result you desire.

How much equipment would they need at home?

These days, you don’t need much to setup up your own recording space at home. Most people have a computer, all you need is a USB microphone and off you go. But if you want to record a couple of sources (such as vocals and guitar) you would need an Audio Interface and a couple more microphones

 Why are you interested in teaching at the Open Academy?

I love teaching at Open Academy as all the classes I have taught, the students really are passionate and I enjoy seeing their skills develop through the course.

Term starts 29 JULY. Enrol by 8 JULY and receive 12% off.

“Find the music in you!” call 93511208 or enrol at openacademy.sydney.edu.au today.

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