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by reception
posted 06/07/2018

Insight of What Work Experience is like at Eastside

Hey Everyone,
My name is Shakira and i’m a teen doing Year 10 work experience with the lovely people at Eastside Radio and having a stella time each day i’m ‘working’ here.

As some of you will know Eastside Radio is known for the jazzy vibes and though I have been introduced to a lot of new music here and I do enjoy all sorts of genres of music my heart lies with kpop,alternative punk rock,pop and rap music.

For my week at Eastside I have learnt so much and will continue to learn outside of my work experience.I have definitely gained a lot of confidence with doing jobs such as picking up the phones,introducing myself to the volunteers and guests,writing for the website and most of all speaking live on air doing the ‘Community Billboard’ for 2 nights in a row  and speaking again for ‘Blow’ and playing a song of my choice which was AMAZING!!

The reason I picked Eastside Radio to do my work experience with is because I would love to go into media,journalism and communications and to put it in simple terms just being in the world of the media.When I’m older, and maybe some of you might of heard on the first night of me doing the community billboard ,my dream is  to be the producer of ‘The Bachelor’ (I’m joking) (I’m not joking) and when considering all of this I felt that Eastside was perfect for me.Not to mention being a community radio station that I constantly passed by on my way to school!

Some of the jobs I was doing here at Eastside were quite enjoyable.As I have mentioned,I had to answer calls which were kinda scary at first but by the end of the week I was racing to grab the phone.Another job I was occupying myself with was packing and sending gifts to the Eastside supporter,as you might know Radiothon was last week,which was quite stressful but very rewarding in the end and how can I forget the time I spoke air.Even though it was just a handful of minutes each time I loved every second of it! Not to mention publishing 6 articles on the website.With all these jobs and experiences it definitely boosted my already very high confidence.

My experience here at Eastside Radio was amazing and i’m so glad I did my work experience here.It made me realise how much I would love to do media and journalism when I go to university.Not to mention that everyone here was so lovely and nice and the environment here is so calming.I would love to thank Chelsea,Gemma,Tony S,Connor,Eric and Tony for looking after me and giving me opportunities to speak on air and I’d love to give a special mention to Poala who is an intern here who has been keeping me company here at Eastside.If you are reading this and wondering whether to become a work experience candidate (like me) or an intern,100% recommend it and promise that you won’t regret it at all!




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