Indi's R'n'B

Thursdays at 11:30pm

Indi's R'n'B

Accompanying you wherever you are on your Thursday evening is this RnB focused segment brought to you by a young jazz student. Indiana will be taking you on a journey through the decades of RnB. Originating in the 1930’s and 40’s, Rhythm and Blues was defined by it’s bluesy guitar, brass lines and deep vocals. Over time RnB has changed form and merged with rap and has also become associated with technical vocals and runs. Having a passion for contemporary RnB, the program’s host is a young jazz student who is inspired by RnB and its groove. And particularly enjoys how RnB reworks technical features of Jazz, creating music that is both soulful and rhythmic. RnB is reframing and popularising technical aspects of jazz with artists like Doja Cat and Ariana Grande charting many RnB tracks. The program aims to acquaint its audience with both young emerging RnB artists as well as the pioneers of the genre, such as James Brown, Lionel Richie and Aretha Franklin.

By mixing between the oldies and new artists, the audience is able to experience groove that binds all RnB music throughout time. By allowing the rhythm and Blues to take over, listeners will experience the dynamic transformation RnB has taken from when it began in the 1930’s and 40’s to the present. From soulful and solemn pieces to groove filled jams, the program will feature classic boogies and modern acoustic pieces as well as expanding into 00’s, 90’s, the 10’s and 20’s with modern artists like H.E.R, Tyler the Creator, FLO, Destiny’s Child, and Lauren Hill listeners are guaranteed to get a wide range of material expanding over the 70 years the genre has been around.

The program focuses on highlighting the wonders of RnB, but will also feature occasional features of RnB’s close relatives – Jazz, soul and Gospel.

RnB has the unique ability to both hype you up and cool you down. Join a young jazz student with a love of RnB at 11:30pm Thursday evening. Whether on your way out, while your out or on you way home, Indi’s Thursday night RnB will take you on a dynamic journey through RnB’s past and present where you will either dance, cry, laugh or all of the above.

The Indie Review

As well as keeping you up to date on local rnb and Jazz adjacent gigs, the program will also feature reviews by the dynamic duo, India and Indiana as we do ‘The Indie Review’. Every other week, we will feature our review of a play, movie, exhibition or artistic performance in the local Sydney area. As two young women studying in the arts, we will be sharing our insights and highlights. We aim to promote local artists, give thoughtful and fun reviews while learning from our experiences and sharing them with you.

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