In The Pocket

Tuesdays at 1:30pm

In The Pocket
When a band is really playing together, in perfect time and with attitude, you could say they are playing in the pocket. Much like James Brown’s famous track ‘Funky Drummer’. You can’t get much more in the pocket than that. 
And when Mulatu Astatke invented Ethiojazz and Fela Kuti invented Afrobeat they took their love of jazz and funk, and fused it with the music of their homelands. Now their music can be heard in bands all over the globe. 
‘In The Pocket' will take you on a journey through the genres and cultures that have inspired the music behind Mister Ott, in a search for music that goes deep, aims high and finds that sweet spot, where it just feels so damn good. 
Expect the latest in Ethiojazz, Afrobeat and Jazz releases, the ‘Ottest 100, a weekly gig guide, and some classic tracks. 
Mister Ott is the creative project of saxophonist Matthew Ottignon.

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