by Rike Franke
posted 21/05/2018

Head On Photo Festival

It is time for this year´s Head On Photo Festival and there is much to see and experience. Featuring more than 100 exhibitions, involving over 700 photographers from 22 different countries, this festival is a great opportunity for everybody, to broaden one´s mind by visiting the exhibitions and by taking part in the numerous workshops.

One of those fantastic exhibitions is located in the Paddington Hall. When you enter the hall, the number of pictures is overwhelming and you have to force yourself to concentrate on a single picture, because there is so much more to see. At the end of the exhibition, you don´t know what to feel. Every picture tells a different story, which is written down underneath the photography. These unexpected stories are overwhelming and they leave you with a lot of mixed emotions and thoughts.

Head On Photo Festival is presented by the non-profit Head On Foundation and is a major creative force in Australia´s cultural life showcasing local and international photo artists of all ages and fostering relationships between creative communities. Evolving from a single annual exhibition in 2004 into a festival in 2010, Head On Photo festival is Australia´s premier photographic event and one of the world´s leading photo festivals.

At the heart of the festival are the Head On photo awards in different categories for example: Portrait, Landscape, Mobile and an award for students.

The Head On Photo Festival leaves you with countless emotions. Find yourself with a bright smile on your face, while looking at a kid with a giant bubble gum. Be shocked by the brutal, extrajudicial murder in the Philippines. Be fascinated by the wonderful nature photography of the exhibition and learn more about other cultures, countries and people. The stories behind all these countless pictures couldn´t be more different and prove the diversity of this unique festival.

Prepare yourself for a journey of emotions and thoughts, because the photographers had no limits in expressing their way of thinking and showing the world. Pictures of war zones, nature photography or daily-life-situations: you can expect more than just a photo exhibition. Head On´s purpose is to create opportunities for photographers at all career-stages and raise awareness of important issues through the lens of a camera. Take part in the festival and see the world through the eyes of a photographer.

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