by Vanessa von Berg
posted 14/03/2017

Happy Birthday, Harbour Bridge! New online exhibition for 85th opening anniversary.


Sydney’s most famous landmark and popular tourist attraction is getting its very own online exhibition to celebrate the 85th anniversary of its grand opening.

Published by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), this exhibition features historical footage from the construction of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge up to its controversial opening ceremony in 1932.


Revisit the start of this iconic attraction and watch original video footage of Major Francis de Groot making history as he slashes the ribbon with his sword ahead of official Premier Jack Lang.


Listen to authentic recordings of original 1930s songs about the bridge and hear as the Queen Mother calls it “One of the wonders of our time”.

This exhibition is an opportunity to learn about and remember the many ways Sydney’s favourite sight served our city, whether it be by offering the Bridge Climb for residents and tourists alike or serving as an important gateway for the Olympic Torch in 2000.

Featuring a 1984 tourism promo starring former bridge rigger Paul Hogan and behind-the-scenes photos of the post-apocalyptic bridge from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdrome, this exhibition lets us delve into both the beginning and the younger history of our beloved city icon.

The exhibition is available HERE for anyone interested in learning about the history behind one of Australia’s most recognizable sights!

A curated collection with extended content is also available HERE.

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