by Thibault Le Viavant
posted 01/02/2016

Goran Bregovic and his Balkan Party

Continuing his never-ending world tour of Gypsy-fulled brilliance, the Balkan-fusing party-starter returns with his Wedding and Funeral Band in a celebration ranging from  Underground  to  Champagne for Gypsies .

Transforming the Opera House into a second home full of Gypsy-fuelled frenzy, the Balkan-fusing rockstar Goran Bregović makes his third appearance leading the motley crew Wedding & Funeral Band –  continuing his Dylan-esque never-ending tour celebrating string-swept balladry and raucous brass workouts to profoundly joyous effect.


Once the leader of former Yugoslavia’s biggest band – the multi-million selling Bijelo Dugme – the Serbian-Croatian has led an unbound career where Corsican and Georgian traditions can fuse with the electric guitar, creating a musical world that throws high art-community differences to the wind with infectious results. Drawing a legendary calibre of interpreters including Iggy Pop, Scott Walker, Polish star Kayah and fellow party-starters the Gypsy Kings, the 65-year-old composer is perhaps best known for the heart-wrenching scores written for the Palme d’Or-winning filmmaker Emir Kusturica, beginning with 1989’s Time of the Gypsiesand culminating in the instant-classicUnderground (1995).

Entering a banner year that has already seen the French Ministry of Culture honour him with the medal of Chevalier des Arts, the all-white clad Bregović continues to break cultural boundaries in a sonic dream where race, sex, age and religion meld into one. Now returning to the Concert Hall stage with his band in feverish form, the modern Gypsy champion will bring the Concert Hall to a beautiful calamity in a final celebration of his Roma-devoted Champagne for Gypsies.


What : Goran Bregovic’s Balkan Party @ Sydney Opera House

When : Tuesday the 16th of February

Where : Sydney Opera House

Click here for tickets and more informations! 

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